Consistent Over Time Consistent Across Calcium Morphologies Consistent Outcomes Between Women & Men

Coronary IVL TCT Data By the Numbers

Consistent Over Time

Longest-term analysis of coronary IVL, Disrupt CAD III, confirms consistency of the excellent safety and effectiveness outcomes at 30 days out to one year.

TCT Slides: Disrupt CAD III 1yr by Dr. Jonathan Hill
Dr. Jonathan Hill Presents the CAD III 1yr Data
Q&A: Dr. Dean Kereiakes
Disrupt CAD III 1yr
Data at TCT21

Dr. Dean Kereiakes

Co-Principal Investigator of DISRUPT CAD III, the Coronary IVL U.S. IDE Study

Consistent Across Calcium Morphologies

Most rigorous OCT pooled analysis of any calcium modification therapy in over 250 patients showcases IVL’s ability to achieve excellent MSA and stent expansion consistently across different calcium morphologies.

TCT Slides: Disrupt CAD Pooled OCT Eccentric Analysis
IVL OCT Data Overview
TCT Slides: Disrupt CAD Pooled OCT Nodular Analysis
Q&A: Dr. Ziad Ali
Coronary IVL in Eccentric vs Concentric Lesions at TCT21

Dr. Ziad Ali

St. Francis Hospital and Heart Center
Roslyn, NY

Q&A: Akiko Maehara
Coronary IVL in Nodular Calcium at TCT21

Dr. Akiko Maehara

Columbia University Irving Medical Center
New York, NY

Consistent Outcomes Between Women & Men

Unlike previous findings with atherectomy1 , IVL showed consistent safety outcomes in men and women despite more frequent comorbidities and smaller vessel size in women.

TCT Slides: Disrupt CAD Pooled Gender Analysis
Q&A: Dr. Yasin Hussain
Coronary IVL outcomes in Men vs Women at TCT21

Dr. Yasin Hussain

Yale-New Haven Hospital,
New Haven, CT


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