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TopShock is a global case-based competition where interventional cardiologists select the best Coronary IVL case in nodular or eccentric calcium performed by their peers

How the Case Submission Program Works:

  1. Download the PPT entry form below. Types of IVL cases to submit: on-label de novo nodular and/or eccentric calcified lesions followed by stenting
  2. Complete the PPT template with case details and upload case by June 15
  3. Top 3 cases will be chosen by Coronary IVL expert selection committee
  4. Physicians of top 3 case submissions receive recognition at TCT 2023 by presenting their case at the Shockwave Symposium
  5. Symposium attendees will vote on the best IVL case during the session, determining the 2023 TopShock
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Dr. Robert Riley
Overlake Medical
Center and Clinics
Seattle, WA,
United States
Dr. Margaret
Columbia University
Irving Medical Center
New York, NY,
United States
Prof. Flavio
University of Verona
Verona, Italy
Dr. Nieves Gonzalo
Clinico San Carlos
University Hospital
Madrid, Spain

Case Moderators at TCT 2023

Dr. Ziad Ali
St. Francis Hospital
and Heart Center
New York, NY,
United States
Prof. James Spratt
St. George's University
London, England
1. Download the Case Template PPT
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2. Register and Upload Your Completed Case
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